Deepen Your Knowledge of the Faith

Deepen Your Knowledge of the Faith

Christ’s Church is offering two great opportunities to sharpen your understanding of the Scriptures and deepen your knowledge of the faith.

October 26-27th, 2017
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
Gordon Conwell will be hosting the “Reformation Celebration Conference” to hear some of the staff share about different topics related to the Reformation. It’s a free event, but you’ll need to register online here.

November 15-17th, 2017
Providence, Rhode Island
Another conference—the Evangelical Theological Society—will be holding their annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, Nov 15-17th, which is a really unique opportunity for us. You’ll be able to hear on a variety of topics from the top Evangelical scholars in the US. This event costs $80, and you’ll want to register by August 15th to get locked in at that price. 

Contact Richard Johnson or Pastor John for more information.

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