Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leaders

Director of Worship Arts

Jesse Andreasen

Jesse is a passionate musician, but more than that he is a devout follower of Christ. His blend of musical talent and passionate faith have been a blessing to the congregation at Christ’s Church since the late 90’s when he joined the church. Jesse joined the staff in March of 2008. In addition to serving as Director of Worship Arts he also oversees much of the church’s technology and media needs. Jesse also teaches guitar lessons and owns a home recording…
Elder, Security

Scott Field

Scott serves as an elder and as the head of our security team. By day he works at St. Anselm College in Manchester, NH. He and his wife Jen reside in Merrimack.

Jim Burrow

Jim leads our finance team. He and his wife Susan reside in Amherst.
Welcome Team Leader

Susan Burrow

Susan leads our greeters and welcome center. She and her husband Jim reside in Amherst.
Children’s Ministry

Kayleen Martin

Kayleen has a degree in early childhood education and loves to serve the Lord by serving His people, especially children. She is married to Sean and resides in Milford, NH with their two daughters.
Women’s Ministry

Kathy Rentz

Kathy is a women’s ministry leader as well as one of our worship leaders. She graduated from University of Hawaii (it was tough, but someone had to do it). Kathy and her husband Burke moved to Milford, NH in 2001 after serving with Cru ministry in youth work stateside and also in Russia. They have 3 kids and also home-educate their children.  Kathy loves seeing people get the help they need. Being a networker and connecting folks together energizes her,…
Men’s Ministry

Jon Safer

Jon leads our men’s ministry and loves to help build community and faith through meaningful activities and discussions. He and his wife Julie reside in Milford.
Nursery Coordinator

Linda Sylvester

Linda serves as our Nursery Coordinator, managing our childcare volunteers and aiming to provide a safe and fun environment for our little ones. Linda and her husband Joe reside in Amherst.