Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

For the Good of the Earth

Many Christians have been slow to embrace Creation Care as central to our mission in this world. What does the Bible really have to say about the earth, and our responsibility for it? *Christ’s Church is a strategic partner of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA and features the teaching of Pastor Bryan Wilkerson and the Grace Chapel Teaching Team.

Traces of Promise: The Good Shepherd

Sometimes the Shepherd metaphor is lost on many of us…unless our occupation involves livestock. But it is one of the most important images used in all of scripture to describe God’s care for His people. In this message we explore the promises of God to come Himself to shepherd His people and discover that Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of that promise. *Listen at the beginning of the message as Pastor Bryan mentions Christ’s Church and our developing strategic partnership.

Traces of Promise: The Tension Gap

Genesis 12. We all face tension gaps in our lives- expectations or promises that don’t turn out how we want or that we’re still waiting on. In this message, Dave Ripper (Campus Pastor @ Grace Chapel) walks us through the life of Abraham and the tension gaps he experienced, highlighting the traces of Jesus we find along the way.


Genesis 34 and Colossians 3. Elder Ralph Paul shares two stories of tragedy, contrasting the dire consequences of unforgiveness with the powerful work of God that can occur when we embody Jesus’ command to forgive.

Book of Acts: Peter’s Prison Break

Acts 12. After Peter’s arrest, believers were hiding out, earnestly praying for his release. When God miraculously sets him free, they don’t believe it at first. How often do we pray for something that we don’t really believe God can do? How often do our fears cause us to hide our faith rather than share it with the desperate (and sometimes hostile) world we live in?