Sermons by John Nuxoll

Sermons by John Nuxoll

Nurturing Spaces

There is a special grace knowing that the life we’ve lived and the resources we’ve been entrusted with made an eternal impact on someone’s life. But it’s so easy to miss the opportunities to make a difference. How can we experience the grace of becoming a meaningful part of other people’s stories?

The Building, Changing, Revealing Grace of God

When many of us catch ourselves going in such a different direction than God, it prompts us to ask why we would want anything to do with God in the first place. If he’s not on my side or if he’s really not that interested in me, why should I be concerned with him?In Ephesians 2:1-10 the Apostle Paul revealed something that was so revolutionary about God at the time that a person couldn’t reasonably walk away from what he was…

Love Abounding

Even in our best times, it’s easy to overlook the condition of our souls. They may be running on fumes without us knowing. God has designed us to be filled with the very thing we give away: love. But how can we grow in love? How can we become more loving – and more complete people as a result?

Life Beyond Disappointments

We all experience troubles of various kinds in this world. But there is a particular sting to disappointments because we don’t see them coming. How can we overcome when disappointment comes our way? Jesus gives an answer in John 4:1-26.

Beyond the Stone

A creative telling of the story of Matthew, one of Jesus’s disciple and an author of Gospel. Matthew encounter’s Jesus, and his life was forever changed.

Unfiltered Questions

We all experience loss of various kinds – lost car keys, lost jobs, lost loved ones. It’s challenging to rise above it when we know it is coming or when we are in its midst. How can our hearts find peace when we are on the precipice or in the aftermath of loss? Jesus gave his disciples some helpful direction in John 13:31-14:14.

The Secret of Happiness

Life is full of interruptions, frustrations and disappointments. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like God cares about our happiness on this earth. But that’s not the case at all. How can we rise above the brokenness around us and experience the joy that God invites us to have? We will explore that in James 1:2-4.

Hope is a Who

The beauty and wonder of the night sky can raise all sorts of questions in us about our purpose, our worth and whether there is something else out there. But the hopelessness of this world and the struggles we face personally often turn us into cynics. How can we find hope when the world seems to have little reason for it? Matthew 2:1-12 shares a story of some strangers from the east who had a supernatural encounter with the source…

True Freedom

We all want to experience freedom in every aspect of our lives and be a part of a community that fosters that freedom. But Satan plants spiritual traps that keep us from experiencing the spiritual freedom God made us for. We will explore how we can overcome legalism and licentiousness in order to experience joy and peace in the company of people that care about us in Romans 16:17-20.

True Love

We are all searching for a community that we can truly belong to. So many of us find ourselves on a desperate journey to find it in the face of the picture-perfect relationships we see on television or social media. The only way to find true belonging is through true love, but the Bible offers a much different picture of what that is than many think. We will explore what true love is by looking at the Apostle Paul’s words…

Walking Wisely on the Outside to Open Doors Within

God invites us to share his life-giving, world-changing message with all people, but we often feel limited by our abilities, identity, desire and time. How does God help us to overcome these in order to make a difference in the world? Paul shows us a path in Colossians 4:2-6.