Sermons on Jesus (Page 11)

Sermons on Jesus (Page 11)

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More: Unashamed

As Christ’s Church continues exploring a strategic partnership with Grace Chapel, we’re excited to present the “More” series from Pastor Bryan Wilkerson and the Grace Chapel Teaching Team. This week we learn that the Holy Spirit moves in power wherever there is an unashamed commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This message was part of Grace’s One Church Sunday gathering at the Tsongas arena in Lowell, MA on May 17th, 2015). *Sermon starts at approximately 51 min. into the…

Seek and Save the Lost

Luke 19. *A guest missionary shares about their work with unreached people groups and gives a powerful message for all believers about God’s heart to seek and save the lost. *Please note that for security reasons this recording has been edited, leaving out names and locations of individuals where this missionary family will be serving.

The Apostle’s Creed

John 3. Dale Kuehne shows the importance of making the truths of the Apostle’s Creed personal, not simply a recitation of basic Christian doctrine.

Rejoice With Me

Luke 15. Guest speaker Richard Blankenship digs into the parables that show the great lengths God goes to to redeem His lost children.

The Lord’s Prayer: Thy Kingdom Come

Mathew 13. Dale Kuehne explores Jesus’ parables about the kingdom of God and what it looks like for us to truly pray and live in response to the phrase “Your kingdom come.” Each week this sermon series includes the display of banners based on the Lord’s Prayer, painted by Dr. Kuehne’s daughter Leah. You can see each week’s banner on this post or see the whole collection by clicking here.

Grace Greater Than Mistakes

On January 11th, 2015, Christ’s Church had the opportunity to watch a pre-recorded sermon from Kyle Idleman, preaching pastor at Southeast Christian in Kentucky. We do not have permission to post the video or audio here. You can listen to or watch this message by visiting the following link This message is copyright 2014 Southeast Christian Church. Christ’s Church of Amherst makes no claims of ownership of this material found at this link.

Epiphany in Isaiah: A Light for the Nations

Matthew 2 and Isaiah 49. Dr. Kuehne contrasts the sense of entitlement in our culture with the fact that God does not owe us anything. Yet in His grace, we see that He gave the gift of His Son not only to His people Israel, but to all the nations. We must continue to share that gift with others.

Christ The Crusader Against Social Injustice

Luke 2, 14, 17, 19. Guest speaker Vicki Kardos speaks about Jesus’ acts of compassion and mercy towards the poor, unclean, “sinners” and socially outcast. As followers of Jesus we are called to the same mission and must beware of neglecting or shutting people out because of our judgements and lack of compassion.

God of Wrath or God of Love? Part 2

Portraying God as love while diminishing or completely denying His judgment of sin has been a problem in both ancient heresies as well as some 21st century sermons. Jesse Andreasen explores several passages that reveal God’s incredible love, patience, and forgiveness while upholding His holiness and justice.