Sermons on Missions (Page 4)

Sermons on Missions (Page 4)

Christ The Crusader Against Social Injustice

Luke 2, 14, 17, 19. Guest speaker Vicki Kardos speaks about Jesus’ acts of compassion and mercy towards the poor, unclean, “sinners” and socially outcast. As followers of Jesus we are called to the same mission and must beware of neglecting or shutting people out because of our judgements and lack of compassion.

Book of Acts: Tear Down the Walls That Hold Me Inside

Acts 8. Dale Kuehne identifies some of the early church’s “walls” that God broke down in order to spread the gospel beyond Jerusalem. What are the barriers that prevent us from making disciples of all nations? What walls are getting in the way of our intimacy with and obedience to God?

Book of Acts: We Live in Miracle Days

John 10 and Acts 3. Post-Pentecost we see day after day of miracles in the Acts of the Apostles. Why do we see so little evidence of this in the American church today? Dale Kuehne offers some reasons why.

Book of Acts: The Church Needs the Holy Spirit

Speaker Dale Kuehne observes that the church in America seems to mostly rely on her own abilities, wealth and influence. Perhaps this is why we don’t see the gospel spreading here like it is in places like Asia and Africa. Jesus said his followers would do greater things than Him, but we need to desperately rely upon the Spirit and follow His leading if we want to see those things happen.