Serve at CCA

Serve at CCA

We are so thankful for all of our volunteers and encourage anyone who calls Christ’s Church home to explore one of the many opportunities we have here to serve. 

Child Check-in

Our Child Check-In volunteers serve a vital role in ensuring that our children are directed where they need to go and that they stay safe. Some minor computer skills and a background check is required for this role.
Contact: Joe Sylvester

Coffee Ministry

Our coffee ministry volunteers are responsible for preparing light refreshments for the fellowship time at the end of worship services or during special events. The current rotation requires service approximately once every 6 weeks.
Contact: Jackie Livsey

Grounds Keeping

Christ’s Church has been blessed with a wonderful property, and like any property, ours needs landscaping from time to time. We are always looking for people to help with tasks like lawn mowing, weeding and mulching.
Contacts: Steve Clough

Kids Connection

Our children’s ministry offers classes for various age groups ranging from pre-school to 6th grade. We need teachers and assistants to serve on the rotation. Both adult and student volunteers are welcome. A background check is required for this role.
Contact: Kayleen Martin


If you are handy, we’d love to have your help with some of our occasional maintenance and repair needs around the building.
Contacts: Ralph Paul

Meals Ministry

This ministry coordinates meals for those in our congregation that need help during challenging times, such as after a medical procedure or during a time of grief. If you would like to be on the call/email list to help when a need arises or if you are in need of meals please contact the coordinator.
Contact: Ashley Burke


Nursery care is offered for children up to age 3 during the worship service. Two volunteers are needed each week. Adult and student volunteers are welcome. A background check is required for this role.
Contact: Linda Sylvester


During the winter months Christ’s Church relies on a rotating team of shovelers and snow plowers to keep our parking lot and walkways clean and safe.
Contact: Jim Chafe

Welcome Team

A greeter’s job is to make everyone who comes through the door feel welcome, and to assist visitors with any questions or needs they may have.
Contact: Susan Burrow

Worship Team & Media

The worship team consists of worship leaders, instrumentalists, singers, and tech assistants. We are always looking to expand our team.
Contact: Jesse Andreasen