Finding Our Way Forward

As we re-enter life after the pandemic, and as the church re-invents itself for the new normal, what kind of people do we want to be, and does the world need us to be? Our culture is increasingly suspicious of, resistant to, and even hostile toward institutional Christianity. What can we learn from the early believers about practicing “the way of Jesus” in a way that opens people’s hearts to the good news of life with God? Check out our…

Easter 2021

Do you know what you’re looking for—and where to find it? The Easter story changes our expectations about life, death, and the life to come.

Good Friday

In a garden called Gethsemane we come alongside a man marked for death—and at a distance, the friends who love him. His life, his mission, and history have all led to this moment. But how can anyone go forward on a road so twisted with grief? How do we live in a moment or a season overshadowed by pain, and even death? On Good Friday, join us in for an online experience of prayer, teaching, music, and communion, as we…

Real Options – Baby Bottle Benefit

At the beginning of each new year, Christ’s Church partners with Real Options to focus on the sanctity of human life. The Baby Bottle Benefit is a simple way to raise funds to help Real Options (formerly CareNet) offer practical help, emotional support and the gospel of Jesus Christ to people facing unexpected pregnancy and related issues. Baby Bottles are now available at the Welcome Center in the foyer. Please return filled bottles and checks by Sunday, March 28th. You may also Donate Online.