Experience Peace Devotional #6

In the past few weeks we’ve talked about some different ways we can experience peace in the moment. God has given us some incredible resources to help us breathe in his calm and stability during the most difficult times. But what happens when the moments turn into seasons?

Experience Peace Devotional: Week 1

In the coming weeks we want to take a few minutes together to consider some ways God might be inviting us to know his peace when everything appears to be falling apart. You see, God brings order out of chaos. And by creating you in his image, he has commissioned you to do the same thing. Could it be possible that God created you for a moment just like this one?

Coronavirus Update

In conjunction with our strategic partner Grace Chapel, the leaders of Christ’s Church have decided to move to an online-only model for Sunday services until futher notice. We will be joining Grace Chapel for online services and occasionally be providing Christ’s Church content alongside that. We will make links available through all of our media platforms—Facebook, YouTube, Email and our website. We encourage you to join us for Sunday services online and to continue your weekly giving via our online portal.  UPDATE 3/27/20: Christ’s…


God has always sought to reach and restore the world through blessing. Since the time of Abraham, God has blessed his people, so that we might bless those who do not know him. BLESS is an intentional pathway for persons of all ages who follow Jesus to become like Jesus and join the mission of Jesus. During the weeks leading up to Easter, we’re going to learn five simple practices that can help us bless those in our spheres of influence—friends, relatives,…