Announcements (Page 3)

Announcements (Page 3)

True Belonging: Home Edition

If there’s one place we all should feel like we belong, it’s home, right? But feeling great about our home life doesn’t always come easily. Busy schedules, stressed relationships, past hurts, and even screen time can all eat away at our sense of connection with the people closest to us. So how do we build a more sustainable, more satisfying life with our loved ones at home? The Bible has some surprisingly relevant messages for the modern family dealing with the…

Celebration Tree Charity Vote

Red? Blue? Green? Or Yellow? Help us pick the color of our Celebration Tree for our Christmas Eve service by clicking on the Facebook post below. Each color is connected to a special charity, and we’ll be making a donation to the color that gets the most votes. Then join us for our special Christmas Eve candlelight service to see which color you picked.

Global Awareness Week

Jesus began his ministry life by announcing that his mission was “to proclaim good news to the poor…and to set at liberty those who are oppressed.” (Luke 4:18). The church has been addressing matters of mission and justice ever since Pentecost and continues to do so today. We will be joining with our parter Grace Chapel for Global Awareness Week, Nov. 2-7, 2018, as we learn about Jesus and Justice, through the lives and ministries of visiting mission partners. Please visit to see the…

Q Commons

Q Commons is a national event that convenes twice a year in various cities to think, learn, and work together on common topics and issues in our lives and communities. We’ll join 150 cities to listen to national presentations and some live local presentations to learn how we can advance good in Southern New Hampshire. This year, Christ’s Church will be hosting Q Commons, The Power of We, on Thursday, October 25, 2018, from 7-9pm. You can learn more about registering…

Lawrence Gas Fire Tragedy Relief

On September 13th, 2018 one person was killed and dozens more were injured in a series of gas explosions and fires that damaged homes in three communities north of Boston Thursday afternoon. A gas main was over-pressurized affecting customers in Lawrence, North Andover and Andover. Christ’s Church is joining with our partners at Grace Chapel Wilmington to support Lazarus House in Lawrence who is ministering to those impacted by this tragedy. Through your generosity Lazarus House will continue – not just in…

Hurricane Florence Relief

The people along the East Coast impacted by Hurricane Florence need our help. We are joining with our partners at Grace Chapel in supporting relief efforts through World Relief. You can make a donation through the link below and please remember to pray for victims of the storm and relief workers.  

The Audacity of Jesus – Fall Life Groups

The teachings of Jesus, the miracles he performed and his impeccable character are enough to set him apart. But there is something about the way that he lived among and interacted with people that was bold and edgy… He answered people’s questions with a question, He cared for people that society rejected, He wasn’t afraid to speak the truth or upset the establishment, he left a veil of mystery that drove some people away and drew others closer. We’d like…

Celebrate People – Ms. Ellen

Here at Christ’s Church we want to celebrate every day people all around us by sharing their stories. Check out Ellen’s story of connecting her passion for children and play with a need in the community.

New Fall Teaching Series – True Belonging

What is true belonging, and where can it be found? True belonging is knowing that we have a safe and significant place in something larger than ourselves, and it’s found in the true community called the church of Jesus Christ. Join us this fall as we explore what it looks like to belong to this community.

Reflections on Prayer Podcast

Podcasts are one of the best ways to absorb actionable information on the go and hands-free. If you weren’t able to be a part of our most recent life group series, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all that great content. Feel free to subscribe to one of our podcast channels and search “Reflections on Prayer,” or simply listen to each individual episode using the players below.  

Gaining Ground

During the month of August, we enjoy the final weeks of summer, while simultaneously preparing for the fall. This month we want to explore how we can gain ground in the areas of our lives and church that are most important. Thus this series will explore themes such as God-driven productivity, work and rest, influence, creating conditions for spiritual growth personally and collectively as a church. We will wrap up by discovering how God is inviting us in gaining ground for the kingdom by contributing…

Spring Teaching Series

Who are your neighbors? More than the people on the other side of our fences, neighbors are those we rub shoulders with every day, from our commute to the office, to the playground, the café, or the gym. Each one is loved by God—and each of us can neighbor with love. How do we neighbor? That may be the harder question. We love our neighbors when we ask not how should they live—but what do they need. Dig in to…