LightFest: what you need to know

LightFest: what you need to know

8 things you can do to make lightfest best for everyone

• Pre-register*
• Watch out for pedestrian traffic
• Follow the directions of parking attendants and park close beside each other
• Park in the back row if you’re driving a tall vehicle like a truck or a conversion van. We direct midsize vehicles to park in the middle rows and sedans to park up front.
• Turn your headlights off if you’ve parked or if you are waiting in line**
• Tune to 97.1
• Arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before show 1 to allow our parking team to get set. Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before shows 2 and 3 to allow us to clear the parking lot from the previous shows.
• If you’d prefer not to be served on our event nights, just raise your hand when a server approaches your window

* With such a great turnout in previous years, we’re asking our guests to pre-register for one of our limited spots to ensure a great view for everyone who attends.
** Why won’t my headlights turn off? Many daytime headlights are disabled on vehicles by (1) engaging the parking brake, (2) turning off the vehicle and (3) turning the vehicle back on again.

show schedule

December 9 – 11, 16 – 18
• Show 1: 6:00 pm
• Show 2: 6:45 pm
• Show 3: 7:30 pm

If you are a guest for shows 2 or 3, we encourage you to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your showtime so that we can properly vacate the parking lot. Guests of show one may arrive at 5:40 pm.

Songs from last year’s show will run throughout December up until the event. We will cycle in last year’s songs leading up to the event and feature special nights such as Christmas Eve’s You Pick 2021 where you choose the color of the church, a special Christmas day program and a New Year’s show. Stop by any time!

Kids’ Night 2021

This year we are setting aside a special night on December 19th from 6-8 pm with kids’ music and classic songs. We’re inviting families to enjoy the show up-close in a blocked-off area of the parking lot. And we’ll be featuring Christmas Cookie decorating inside. Register at

good questions

• Can I watch the show more than once on any given night? If you have registered for the additional shows, yes. If you’d like to stick around for another show, please register again online and proceed through check-in again.
• Can we walk up close? Yes! Just be careful of traffic.
• How many lights are there? 12,000 pixel lights! Each pixel contains three nodes: red, blue and green. So maybe closer to 36,000? But who’s counting?
• Do you take donations? No. We’re grateful for the opportunity to host you.
• Are you inviting people in for cookie decorating? Register for Kid’s Night to enjoy a show made just for kids. We’ll be hosting our guests for cookie decorating inside on that night.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us here, and we’ll get back to you shortly.