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News (Page 9)

Advent 2014

The word Advent is derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning ‘coming.’ In the church calendar, Advent is a season in which the church expectantly waits and prepares to celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ; the Son of God coming to earth to redeem mankind. The season encompasses the four Sundays before Christmas–so this year it begins Sunday November 30th. At Christ’s Church this means music of the season–many Christmas hymns as well as newer Christmas choruses. Each week brings us…

The Life Book

CCA Youth has partnered with The Life Book movement in order to equip students with resources that can help them share the gospel with friends, family and more. Click here to learn more about The Life Book. If you’d like to request copies for yourself or your child please contact Jesse Andreasen.

Jesus Film Outreach

The CCA Development Team has purchased several hundred copies of the Jesus Film for Children for distribution in our communities. This is a great opportunity to share the gospel with families with young children and to invite people to visit Christ’s Church. Please contact Burke Rentz or Kathy Rentz to request copies of the DVD.

New Small Group Starting

We are kicking off a fall small group with a discussion of the book, God & the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines. We decided to study this book (and other papers of opposing views of Scripture) because the issue of homosexuality & same sex marriage is a huge issue which is bombarding the church of the 21st century. It is important that we understand Scripture as clearly as possible, as well as formulate a response that is both loving and educated. This book is thoughtfully written…

Current Sermon Series: Book of Acts

This fall Dr. Dale Kuehne is leading us through a sermon series in the Book of Acts. This is not just about learning church history, its about recognizing that we are part of the same story, the same mission…should we choose to accept it. Though much has changed in two-thousand years, much remains the same. We are still called to be witnesses for Jesus, the church is still persecuted throughout the world, we still have sin issues and relational problems that…