Theology on Tap

Theology on Tap

If you are looking for stimulating conversation about life, God and what’s happening in society in a setting outside of church, there is happening once a month that’s just for you.

CCA’s Theology on Tap meets *the third Monday of the month to explore a relevant topic around life and faith. Don’t be scared by the title “theology.” You don’t have to know much to be a part of a conversation here. In fact, you don’t even have to believe. We welcome people of every stripe to sit down for a beverage and engage with an open mind and a curious spirit.

So what are you waiting for? Put Theology on Tap on your schedule today. And stop by our Facebook page to connect with others in the group.

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*Theology on Tap takes off for the summer months and December. Meeting Mondays are subject to change.

What’s On Tap

Monday, Sept 19th at 7 pm: Is Christian Nationalism a problem or media spin? (A conversation with Pastor John Nuxoll)

Monday, Oct 17th at 7 pm: Is it Christian for professionals to remain silent about their faith when speaking up could come at a personal, financial or social cost? (A conversation with Dr. Morgan Marietta)

Monday, Nov 28th at 7 pm: Sexuality and the church: how can Christians navigate increasingly confusing subjects of attraction, desire and identity? (A conversation with Brady Cone of Calibrate Ministries)

DECEMBER IS OFF. See you back in January!