Sermons on Conflict

Sermons on Conflict

In the Bleak Midwinter

We all have expectations for how our days, our life, or Christmas will go. But what do we do when things turn out to be less than perfect? In this Christmas message for Advent 2020, Pastor Leah Knight Breton answers questions like, Is God still working in my imperfect and messy life? Is there any hope for Christmas 2020? Is there something to learn from the original Christmas story about God working in less-than-perfect circumstances? Christ’s Church is a strategic…

The Long Game

In the face of so much division in difficult and unjust times, is there a way we can engage people in meaningful ways that will bring about real change? An important lesson about God from the book of Revelation gives us a path forward.

Thinking Biblically About Racism

We who were many and different have been made one in Christ.  We belong to the One who has broken down the walls that separate people from God and each other. Christ’s Church is a strategic partner of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA and features the teaching of Pastor Bryan Wilkerson and the Grace Chapel Teaching Team.

Caught in the Middle

All of us know what it’s like to feel caught in the middle of a complicated situation. Whether it be caught in between family or friends in conflict or caught in the middle of the competing narratives in our polarized world.  In our Humans of the Bible Series, we’ve been looking at fascinating and unsung characters in Scripture and in this message, we want to look at an amazing character who was caught in the middle of two powerful men.…