Study Resources

Study Resources

Christ’s Church has produced study material that covers a range of topics and books of the Bible. We invite you to explore our growing library and encourage you to use and share any of the material below.

We live in a racially divided nation. And that divide has only increased the tension between US vs. THEM. Is there a positive way we can speak into the race issue without adding to the turmoil? Is there a way we can bridge the gap between people who disagree? Hear from Pastor Miles McPherson, author of The Third Option, and Pastor John on how we might pave the way for unity and healing in these challenging times. And pick up Pastor Miles’s book today.

God might be inviting us to know his peace when everything appears to be falling apart. You see, God brings order out of chaos. And by creating you in his image, he has commissioned you to do the same thing. Could it be possible that God created you for a moment just like this one?

Two thousand years ago, an itinerant preacher climbed to the top of a hill and hundreds of people followed him to hear what would become the most famous speech ever written. The natural acoustics carried his voice to the masses as he talked about the possibility of experiencing a life of belonging, comfort, freedom, peace, recognition and transcendence. His listeners could not only have a taste of this kind of life- they could have everything that is good. And two thousand years later, we can have it too. But the way to get there may not be what you think.

We are all weighed down by invisible burdens of various kinds, but God has designed us to enjoy liberty from all of that as we travel through this life. In Traveling Light we dive into the book of Philippians and learn how to cast aside all kinds of religious, relational and personal baggage that slow us down and make our journeys more difficult to bear.

Sufferings of various kinds, conflicts, overconfidence, money and false wisdom threaten to capsize us. How can we navigate these turbulent seas and keep afloat without making a shipwreck of our faith?  James the brother of Jesus gave some ancient wisdom to a group of Christians facing challenges that were not so unlike our own. He gave them a way to navigate these challenges and he is inviting us to follow him through.