charity Lights on Christmas Eve

charity Lights on Christmas Eve

2020’s WINNING CHARITY IS SINGLE PARENTS IN NEED REPRESENTED BY PURPLE. Congrats SPIN! And thanks to all of you who voted!

Single Parents in need is a support group for single parents that connects them to people who can provide assistance in many areas. Learn more about this great organization at

RED, BLUE, PURPLE or YELLOW? It’s one of our favorite holiday traditions! On Christmas Eve we’re lighting up our church building in a color of your choosing. Each color is tied to a local charity. And we’ll be making a special donation to the color/charity that gets the most votes.

  • The Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire in Milford, which is RED, promotes recovery from substance use disorder. They offer peer recovery coaching, group programming, veteran support and family support through a rich network of partner resources.
  • Opportunity Networks in Amherst, which is BLUE, aims to provide genuine vocational opportunities and activities that promote life-enhancing skills for adults with developmental and acquired disabilities. They seek to understand each participant in their program and work with their interests so that they can develop and share those passions with others.
  • Milford’s Single Parents in Need, which is PURPLE, seeks to connect groups and individuals in the community to meet the practical needs of single parents such as childcare, home and auto repair and encouragement and guidance through the challenges of parenting, finances and relationships throughout the Souhegan Valley.
  • SHARE in Milford, which is YELLOW, serves those in need throughout Milford, Amherst, Mont Vernon and Brookline by providing food, clothing and emergency assistance to families in need.

RED, BLUE, PURPLE or YELLOW? We’ll tabulate the results and make our big announcement during our special Candlelight Services on Christmas Eve. And you’re invited to be a part of one of those services on Tuesday, December 24th either onsite at 4:30pm or 6pm (registrations required) or online at 6 pm too.

All voting concludes Tuesday, December 22nd. So cast your vote and tell your friends!

Click HERE and cast your vote in the comment section.