Sermons on Acts (Page 4)

Sermons on Acts (Page 4)

Book of Acts: Tear Down the Walls That Hold Me Inside

Acts 8. Dale Kuehne identifies some of the early church’s “walls” that God broke down in order to spread the gospel beyond Jerusalem. What are the barriers that prevent us from making disciples of all nations? What walls are getting in the way of our intimacy with and obedience to God?

Book of Acts: What are You Afraid of?

Acts 7. Dale Kuehne asks us to consider what our fears are. Do they keep us from obeying God? Stephen was willing die for the cause of Christ. Are we willing to overcome our fears and trust God, or do we turn away from Him as soon as things don’t go our way?

Book of Acts: How Did They Do That?

Acts 5. Dale Kuehne challenges us to recognize that our story lines are inadequate. We will miss what God is doing and what He is calling us to if we don’t open our eyes to the greater story line He is writing.

Book of Acts: Don’t Lie to God

Acts 4 and 5. Dale Kuehne continues to explore the life of the early church, reminding us that in the midst of incredible fellowship and miracles that deceivers like Ananias and Sapphira were causing trouble from within. Their story is a warning to all of us about the dangers of lying to ourselves, others and especially to God.

Book of Acts: The Church Needs the Holy Spirit

Speaker Dale Kuehne observes that the church in America seems to mostly rely on her own abilities, wealth and influence. Perhaps this is why we don’t see the gospel spreading here like it is in places like Asia and Africa. Jesus said his followers would do greater things than Him, but we need to desperately rely upon the Spirit and follow His leading if we want to see those things happen.